Rose Brokenshire Shares New Single “Better Now”

Rose Brokenshire’s new song, “Better Now” promotes self-worth and power in perseverance; reassurance that no matter how hard the path to healing feels, you are doing little things, new things, helpful things that make a difference in the overall journey of your life.

“I wrote it during a massive transition in my life. Growing up in Toronto I became accustomed to the chaos and hurry of city life but one day I couldn’t seem to keep up or comprehend that pace of living anymore. My new reality became daily battles with chronic pain, depression and anxiety. But with time and patience I began to move through what I was experiencing rather than being stuck in it. Some days are still harder than others, but through little rituals I learned how to better nourish myself mentally and physically,” says Rose.

“I wanted to make something that honored that journey of growth – something that expressed love for both the ups and downs, the light days and dark days, and the tools I found most healing during a more desolate chapter of my life. ‘Better Now’ is a loving ode to that chapter of growth.”