Blue Mar Drops New Album ‘The March Hare’

Blue Mar is a Brazilian born, Los Angeles based artist whose music dances between gritty guitar and nostalgic/vintage sounds. Wading through modern-day life hurdles, Blue Mar’s music is a reflection of how quickly we lose track of what is real and what isn’t. To bring light to these issues, he uses a lot of tongue-in-cheek phrasing and elements of dark humor.

Written and recorded between London and São Paulo and produced alongside Fabio Pinczowski and Mauro Motoki, the 14-track album is packed with gritty guitar and nostalgic, vintage sounds. Exploring global matters and humanities response to them and one another, the album questions the world we live in from all angles, though has a twinkling of hope and optimism throughout, with the artist revealing, “I wanted to make an album that addressed topics like human connections, being in perpetual upheaval and feeling unable to unwind but in a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek manner!”