Flyght Club Drop New Single “Different Side Of Me”

Flyght Club is the contemporary musical project of Indian artist Shauvik Sharan.

His latest single “Different Side of Me” is the result of the artist experimenting with fusing distorted guitar riffs and psychedelic rock elements with modern trap drums and 808s, creating a unique and fresh rock sound. A kaleidoscope of textures and instruments, the track continuously switches between soft, floaty, twinkling arrangements to a more dark, gritty and aggressive side. Along with combining two different musical genres, Sharan also emphasizes this idea of duality through the narrative of the song, which speaks about the contrasting sides we all have to ourselves. He shares, “I wanted to bring forth an attempt to identify and acknowledge how we all have a dark side within us and it’s just a part of being human and how sometimes circumstances and situations force the dark side to take over and lead to actions we later regret.”