IANAI Release Lyric Video for New Single “Elitha”

IANAI has released the second single from their upcoming debut album. The new track, “Elitha” is out today, along with an accompanying lyric video.

“‘Elitha’s’ five minutes manifests an energy into being. The energy embodies a plethora of names and shapes throughout human history, and it can be approached using one’s beliefs and cultural roots as a guide,” says the artist.

“The music acts as an encouragement to leave earthly worries behind oneself and leap far into lands unknown. When feeling bound down by the shackles of cold, cruel reality of your surroundings, the music flows free, abundant with bliss and a sense of purpose. It is a remembrance of the light that is always there, not at the ends of tunnels but transmitted by the tips of human fingers and carried by the tongues people speak.”

The debut album from IANAI, Sunir, will be released on June 6th on Svart Records.