Patterns of Decay Drops Self-Titled Album Today

Today, Patterns of Decay release their self-titled, second album. Over these last few years Patterns of Decay took ample time to look inward and discover their truest selves; to analyze demons and fears. Matthew Stirrat (guitar/vocals) shares “In isolation, our doubts and suspicions take hold, and we learn to come to terms with the darker corners of our own minds. It’s the new normal in a world forever changed by circumstances beyond our control. These were the themes to our self-titled album even before the pandemic cast its shadow on everything. Recent years have only proved to us that it was more important than ever that we record this album and share it with the metal world.”

“This is a song that lyrically delves into the darkest reaches of self deprecation, negativity, and the battles of fighting your own demons. The urge to fall into a complete sense of apathy towards the world and towards yourself, “Chrysalis” really offers a bleak introspection into the realms of depression/anxiety. It’s as if the cold embrace of sorrow is the only friend you have and their voice is the only one you listen to. The temptation to embrace the void and the struggles to believe in yourself are at constant odds with each other,” explains vocalist, Christian Contello.