Rick Monroe & The Hitmen Say “World’s Gone Crazy”

Rick Monroe and the Hitmen have dropped their third single, “World’s Gone Crazy” from their upcoming, untitled album today, April 15th. The band has chosen Malcom Springer (The Low-Down Drifters, Nappy Roots, Matchbox Twenty, and Collective Soul) to produce the track which is being released by The Label Group Entertainment with INgrooves distribution.

Monroe and The Hitmen have also added Johnny Dwinell (Daredevil Productions) to the team and fans should look forward to some new and interesting content, especially those who tune into their weekly “Boots and Shorts” series.

Speaking to the origins of the song, Monroe references Lil Nas X’s Satanic lap dance showcased in the “Montero” video as well as his ‘Satan’ Nike shoes equipped with human blood as inspiration for “World’s Gone Crazy”.

Monroe goes on to say: “We needed two more up-tempo songs for the album, so Alan and I were working on a new idea but had hit a wall. We started discussing current events and I asked if he’d seen the new Lil Nas X video. He hadn’t, so we watched it, which lead to one of us saying we are dancing to the devil’s do-si-do and “World’s Gone Crazy” was born. We approached this song with ‘What would Aerosmith doing country sound like?’. With Malcom Springer producing it, we found that perfect blend of rock and country.”