KVNE & Badlook Collaborate on “Heroin”

VNE’s upcoming release might be what you’re looking for! He will drop on April 21 “Heroin”, a pop punk collaboration with Badlook about the toxic relationship between an addict and their vice.

KVNE has been on a path to sobriety for many years now, after struggling with addiction since his teenage years but found it incredibly hard to fight against his old demons during the pandemic, an important topic that the media hasn’t really talked about. “By the end of these two years of isolation, I had gone through broken hearts, cancelled tours, attempting to homeschool my son on my own and what felt like an endless disappointment. I had kind of taken a break from working on any music for myself. I just had a massive disconnect with all of it, and to be honest I was really struggling with my mental health. I couldn’t seem to find joy in anything and felt like I was getting closer and closer to relapsing”, KVNE admits. Written as a “call to answer”, in “Heroin”, the core emotions of love are mirrored in the main constructs of addiction while the chorus acts as the drug’s rebuttal. KVNE reveals that this Badlook collaboration (whom he met as a teenager in a small Canadian town when they were both performing with their respective metal bands) came as a real blessing. “It helped me stay sober and get through one more tough day at a time. I started to find the hidden joys of life again”, he adds.