A.M. Boys Share “Traveler”

Today, A.M. Boys (John Blonde and Chris Moore) share “Traveler”, the second single off their forthcoming debut album, Distance Decay, out June 3.

The A.M. Boys video for “Traveler” was filmed and directed by NYC motion designer David-Lee Fiddler, incorporating live-in-studio footage shot by Doug Young. A deeply collaborative effort between Fiddler and the duo, the video creates a vibrant and original world of sound and color. In addition, to live footage, Fiddler animated still photos by A.M. Boy John Blonde, used in creating the Distance Decay album art.

The duo credits Fiddler with being an energetic director that “seemed capable of translating any idea we had into reality.” Blonde says, “The ‘Traveler’ video is what we think the electricity looks like inside our synthesizers.”

“Distance decay” is a term describing the pattern of criminals committing less crime the further they travel from their homes. The duo can personally attest that this pattern exists.