Francisco Martin Releases Music Video For “Nobody Listens To Me!”

Today, the LA-based singer-songwriter and producer Francisco Martin has released the music video for “Nobody Listens To Me!”, the lead single from his debut EP Manic, out July 22nd.  The video finds Martin railing against a suffocating environment, using his music to break free from outside pressures and constraints.

“’Nobody Listens To Me!’ is an anthem for people who feel like they’re lesser than,” Francisco says. “Validation and acceptance is something our generation struggles with, and I wanted to showcase that in the new music video.”

“I am not afraid to share what is in my heart with brash honesty,” Francisco says. “I want to push boundaries. People see one version of me, and I want them to see all of me. I am ready to come out of my shell as an artist and show who I really am as a person.”