UTC Offering New Online Digital Court Reporter Program

The Center for Professional Education, the workforce development arm of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, is partnering with the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts to offer a new 100% online court reporting course.

The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, also known as the Tennessee AOC, provides support to the Tennessee Supreme Court and the entire state court system. The AOC is currently working to fill its substitute court reporter pool, and the UTC Center for Professional Education is delivering online training to those interested in pursuing careers in the field.

Through the Digital Court Reporting Online Course, individuals can work toward preparation for work as court reporters and fill employment gaps across the state.

“In Tennessee, the most critical need for court reporters is in our criminal courts,” said Connie Turner, Tennessee AOC coordinator for court reporting services. “State law requires court reporters to be present during all criminal proceedings. If there are no court reporters available because of a shortage, court proceedings are delayed. Delays impact the lives of many individuals.”

The UTC Center for Professional Education plays a strategic role in listening to local and regional workforce needs and facilitating quality skills training to help people pursue and succeed in various jobs.

“I was honored when Connie Turner from the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts asked if CPE could support Tennessee judicial systems by providing court reporter training,” said Tripp Stanford, the CPE assistant director of marketing. “Our judicial system is the foundation of our local governments. We appreciate the opportunity to help serve local communities across the state.”

Court reporting is one of the fastest-growing careers in the legal system. As a critical player in the courtroom, court reporters ensure that courtroom proceedings are accurately recorded and transcribed. The median salary is listed as $54,179 per year.

Upon completing the UTC course, graduates are fully prepared to pass the Certified Electronic Reporter and Certified Electronic Transcriber exams offered by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. Upon passing the certification exams, individuals may apply for licensure with the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting. After obtaining a license, graduates may reach out to Turner at the AOC for job placement assistance.

“UTC’s course teaches students valuable skills such as how to create accurate legal transcripts and use digital recording software,” Turner said. “When hiring court reporters, the AOC looks for those skills as well as certification.”

For questions about the course, call the Center for Professional Education at 423-425-4344.