Born in Blood Premieres “Misery”

Texas metal band Born in Blood have released their first single, “Misery”.  The song focuses on someone enduring misery so powerful it’s devastating and invigorating. It can fuel your desire to overcome and can break you down to feel like nothing.

“‘Misery’ is a punishing track that encompasses what to expect from this band. It’s the first song you hear in our set to get yourself ready for what’s to come and it holds no punches. Right off the bat you get a flurry of chaos into a fast paced groove. It’s one of our earliest songs but still stands strong with all of our newer material. The music continually builds upon itself as the song progresses, kind of like anxiety building to a simulate someone enduring the worst parts but still moving forward. Misery loves company and the story shows how it can turn people into monsters,” says vocalist Talmage Crumholt IV.