Haleek Maul Partners With DOOMSDAYX For Fan-Produced Video

Following its global premiere yesterday and an in-person premiere event in LA earlier this week, Barbados-based artist Haleek Maul returns to officially release the first ever fan-produced video for his  track “Verified” featuring fellow Bajan artist Chiief Diin, made in partnership with Web3 creative tech studio DOOMSDAYX.

Directed by Gregory Ohrel and produced by sister company Doomsday Entertainment, the video is an ode to Haleek’s love for his home country and the people of Barbados in what amounted to becoming a groundbreaking achievement as the largest music video production on Bajan soil in the country’s history. With a burgeoning film infrastructure growing in Barbados, Doomsday Entertainment brought an elevated level of production that presented aspiring Bajan filmmakers an educational opportunity to see how the making of video of that scale and budget is executed. The budget was made possible by Haleek’s pioneering of music in the crypto space, and brought to life by DOOMSDAYX via a 1025 piece NFT collection which raised over $640,000, selling out in minutes.

Buyers of the NFT collection directly funded the music video, in return received a collectible, producer credit, behind the scenes access and perpetual governance stake over a treasury which will be used for other projects and activations.

Coinciding with the video’s release, the single “Verified” is now available widely on all streaming platforms after previously only being available via NFT marketplace Catalog, and today, Haleek is also announcing that his full INNER EP will be released widely on May 20th after breaking a sales record on Catalog with the first four songs of the EP selling for a total of 56 ETH ($235,000 at time of sale). Featuring fellow Bajan artists Chiief Diin and Jah Koda, INNER is central to the next phase of Haleek’s career as a pioneer and advocate for Caribbean artists through his HOLDERSLAND initiative, which aims to provide an infrastructure and resources for creatives to develop and promote their work.