Parris Mitchell Shares “i never said i’m perfect”

Today, Parris Mitchell shares a brand new single entitled “i never said i’m perfect,” alongside an accompanying lyric video.

“The middle finger emoji would describe my attitude for my new song, ‘i never said i’m perfect’. Not because I don’t care, but because that’s how I feel about trying to be ‘perfect’, especially for someone else. When I started writing the song, it began as a ‘he said, she said’ reflection of a failed relationship but ultimately turned into a more anthemic yet prominent warning: people mess up, everyone is human, and no one is perfect. ‘i never said i’m perfect’ is a phrase I found myself saying out loud, quite a bit, and found relating to many situations. The idea is that perfection is an expectation more than we care to admit. When I wrote ‘i never said i’m perfect,’ I was in a place where I felt that others’ standards for me were impractical, leaving me to feel inadequate. The song is about finding the courage to embrace yourself and your flaws, giving a giant middle finger to anyone who expects you to be anything else but true to yourself.”