Sarah Neufeld Releases Rival Consoles Remix Of “The Top”

Acclaimed violinist and composer, Sarah Neufeld follows last year’s solo LP Detritus, with a new remix by London Erased Tapes affiliate Rival Consoles via Paper Bag Records.

“I’m a big fan of Rival Consoles’ music, so was thrilled when he agreed to remix ‘The Top’. He’s created a piece within a piece from his unique sensibility and sonic world. I can listen to this remix over and over again, entranced,” says Neufeld.

“I really loved the irregular phrasing of Sarah’s piece, so much that I wanted to try and simply recreate her violin parts almost exactly with a synthesizer and to then expand from this starting point. I think the slightly machine-like syncopation to the violin sections translated amazingly well into the electronic world, and in such a natural way, which is not easy to achieve without something being lost, so this inspired me to build around this foundation with various recycled versions of the strings and voice. The piece takes on a different structure and journey but one that is constantly referencing the identity of the original,” says Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles.