Bread Pilot Share New Single

Bread Pilot today released their new song, “Droopee”, alongside an Evan House-directed video. A slow-burn to explosion led by singer guitarist Stephen Ibanez, Jr.’s soaring vocals, the track is “the oldest song on the album,” he explains. “It was written ten years ago when I was first starting to really put my head down and try to write songs rather than rely entirely on atmospheric sounds. It started out as a guitar loop in my dorm room and the words reflect on desperately grasping at anything that will provide me comfort or make me feel loved, even if I know that it’s fleeting. Flailing through the first few years of adulthood.” “Droopee” is the third and final advance single from the Seattle-based four-piece’s forthcoming album, New To You, due out May 27th via Double Double Whammy.

“The intimacy and vulnerability of these songs is something we were maybe a little scared to go fully fledged into in the past,” Ibanez recalls. “They feel really close because they are a time capsule of us as a band before our move. I had some of my first truly euphoric experiences alone at Platt Park, feeling at peace and connected to the earth.” Though Ibanez and Hayden brought new levels of introspection and solitude to their songwriting, Bread Pilot’s ten years of chemistry and companionship radiate from their performance, their gentle and earnest harmonies reveal years of deep friendship and connection.