One More Weekend Release New Single

Melbourne rockers One More Weekend just dropped their  new single “Raindrops”.

“’Raindrops’ is all about being in a particular time, a space in which only you are present. Everything is amplified and nothing else matters. It feels wild, electric, free though weirdly contained in yourself. There’s a strange urge to share this type of bliss with the rest of the world when you feel it. So how do you a share a moment so selfish? You can’t, you just have to feel it, all by yourself,” says vocalist Connor Dougan abou the single.

“The song was tough to produce, it’s full on the whole way through so you can imagine the physical strain if you don’t slam it out in one take. I actually redid the vocals 3 or 4 times because the first time it wasn’t nearly as powerful as expected. One of our favourite parts is the sample section just before the bridge, we actually recorded the majority of this in ‘The Davecave’ (Jaysons step dad’s man cave). It got even better though when we took it to the Songstore and Adrian our producer started messing with it. By luck we had our videographer Haili present and she got to do more than just watch, keep your ears honed for the sneaky little “Where’s Tim” vocals. This is the first of 3 massive single releases this year. Every single one is accompanied by a stellar music video, limited merchandise and a bloody ripping show.”