Wild Arrows Announce New Album

Wild Arrows is pleased to share “Crowded House” the first pre-release track from the band’s album Loving The Void out June 17.

This is one of the only songs that I’ve ever recorded where I kept the first vocal take I did, kind of as I wrote it in the moment. It was a bit like automatic writing actually. I had the chorus in my head for a few years but the track was just a drum beat and a bass line with no verses. It’s the only almost pop song on the new album. A couple trusted musician friends and the singer of an iconic 80s and 90s band told me this was a REALLY good one so I’m going to trust them. Sometimes the song sounds dumb to me but what do I know? It’s a chaotic track about being a person who lives a lot of their life at night and on tour. I hate going to sleep and I lived much of my life going to bed at 4am so a lot of those distortions are juxtaposed in “Crowded House.” I even tried to paraphrase a Cure lyric impromptu from “Let’s Go To Bed” while recording that original first vocal take but I gave up mid phrase and left it in the song,” says Wild Arrow’s Mike Law.