The Venomous Pinks Launch Album Pre-Orders for New LP ‘Vita Mors’

Arizona’s punk powerhouse, The Venomous Pink will drop its debut LP Vita Mors via SBÄM Records on June 3rd.

Of the latest single and video, guitarist, vocalist Drea Doll says, “‘Apothecary Ailment’ is a track about how consuming the cycle of addiction can be. I witnessed someone close to me struggle with severe addiction. It was a matter of life or death. The lyrics are a plea for them to choose life. I’ve had my own personal battles over the years, and facing one’s demons is never easy.”

“For the video, we escape to the beautiful landscape near the lost Dutchman park in Apache Junction, AZ. Since this is our first album, it was important for us to show the world our roots and where we grew up,” she adds.