Seth Swirsky Shares “Sunny Day” Music Video

Today, indie-rock singer-songwriter Seth Swirsky shares a music video for his single, “Sunny Day”, taken off his brand new album, Songs From The Green Couch, out now via Lolipop Records.

“I wanted the video to express just the pure joy of being alive! Girls playing tambourines, kaleidoscopes, ballerinas and sunny beaches all to the music of three guys just rocking out,” says Seth.

“I directed the video, which was shot last month in 16mm by Fred Joseph at Figment Sound Studios in Lake Hollywood, California in the same studio where the my new album, Songs From the Green Couch was recorded. I always loved those Jimi Hendrix videos, during the ‘Summer of Luv’ in 1967, where you saw the riffs Jimi and his band were playing. I wanted the video to get that same ‘live’ feeling. Accompanying me in the video is Glenn Brigman on bass and Brendan Peleo-Lazar on drums, both in the band The Triptides. They played on the recording of the song as well,” he adds.

“I would love my fans to have the video inspire them to just kick back, listen to their favorite music—loud!—and just enjoy LIFE, with no worries. As I wrote in the lyrics of the chorus: ‘Who cares about time and space, just as long as there’s sun on my face!!'”