MuMu Shares “The Bitch in Me”

NYC singer-songwriter MuMu throws shade with her newest release, “The Bitch in Me”, a punchy song about clashing personalities and what happens when you give in to your inner bitch. It’s a bop with totally relatable, cleverly comedic lyrics. MuMu’s storytelling is so on point, we feel like her best-friend across the table exclaiming, “Yaaas girl, spill that tea!”

“The Bitch in Me” was inspired by a real person (who shall remain unnamed) who’s world revolves around money and aristocracy. The only thing they’re passionate about is securing the best table at the new Michelin five-star restaurant. MuMu confides, “I feel like a bitch saying all this even now after I’ve written a song about it. I was raised in a family of six women. Women are my muse. I write and sing for them. I live and love with them. I wanted desperately to love this new neighbor-woman, but she brought out the bitch in me.”

She continued, “What I learned in the process of writing this song was that it’s ok for me to not like everyone. I don’t need to be puking hearts and farting rainbows all day every day wherever I go. I can get angry, I can be resentful, I can write a bitchy song about my bitchy neighbor and hope to goddess she never hears it.”

05/27 – Bowery Electric – New York, NY
06/12 – North Jersey Pride – Maplewood, NJ