Dan Sindel Releases New Single “Stepping Stone”

Los Angeles musician Dan Sindel is best known for his “symphonic guitar” arrangements where he breaks the barrier in multi-tracking techniques with the guitar. Dan’s recordings have earned features in issues of Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines and continue to receive international acclaim. He is a unique and distinct artist like no other. His approach to writing music features his multi-layered approach to recording guitars and vocals that integrates myriads of styles and genres into a rocking experience.

During the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dan commenced to start demoing a select collection of his vast archive of songs written over the years and later began hiring some of LA’s best drummers to go into the studio and help bring this music to life. The album Unpopular Music For Popular People Vol. 1 will be released as individual singles and the first release is a hard hitting rocker entitled “Stepping Stone” featuring Dan’s explosive textural guitar work and debuts his melodic singing. “Stepping Stone” was mixed by Steve Sykes who Dan states, “Is an absolute genius when it comes to music production with at least 20 Gold/Platinum LP’s to his credit. I am extremely grateful that he chose to help me in my endeavors. It really sounds amazing!”

Dan is also a music educator and has a heart for giving back. He has taught thousands how to play guitar over the years and still teaches music at his local junior college in the Los Angeles area.