Cam Maclean Releases New Single ” Thief”

Cam Maclean (ex-Vesuvio Solo) is will release his new album Secret Verses out May 13. In anticipation of Friday’s release date, Cam is sharing a new single “Thief” from the upcoming album.

On the song Cam says, “I wrote ‘Thief’ during a particularly hard month in the pandemic, trying to speak to the experience of writing songs on my own – with nothing going on in my life outside of my apartment. My record’s title, Secret Verses, is taken from a line in the song – ‘you write the secret verses that contain a single thought, that is somehow multiplied a thousand ways.’ This came out of the experience of ruminating on musical and lyrical ideas that just didn’t work, until I realized that my writer’s block itself – in light of the lack of real-life inspiration – was the real life experience that I had to write about.”