Calcou Shares Video For “Below”

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Calcou shared the colorful video for his latest single, “Below”. The single is the third to be shared from his upcoming EP, Places which will be released next week via MfDR+C.

Mahir Duman, a visual artist, tells us about the creation of the video for “Below”: “I have created the video by using artificial intelligence. We discussed a lot in advance how the video could reflect Calcou’s approach to composing and sound selection, leaving room for the unexpected and random. So I chose to use pre-trained StyleGAN2, but left them purposefully undertrained to be as abstract as possible. When the AI was finished, I took back control and I fine-tuned everything, using five different types of videos and mixing, recoloring and reforming them. During the process, I felt like being in a deep ocean, figuring out forms and colours and merging them into something new. It was a very creative process and I’m happy to see that we’ve facilitated the creation of multiple forms of expressions in one pot.”