Hamond Announces New Project ‘Project Radio’

Houston’s own multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist Hamond announces his new project Pirate Radio due June 8th via No Matter. The 10-track project showcases Hamond’s ability to meld an electronic atmosphere with cinematic soundscapes and R&B and pop influences. Along with the announcement of his Pirate Radio project, Hamond shares the third single from the project, “Pieces”, a track laced with heartache and intricate layers of guitar and Hamond’s smooth vocals.

Pirate Radio is described by Hamond as a hijacked broadcast that flows through stories of unrequited love and relationships that fizzle out. Tracking the phases that pirate radio has been through from unauthorized rock and roll broadcasts of the 60s to the dance music explosion in the UK in the 90s, Hamond pulls from these various genres and subcultures while imbuing the music with his own experiences in Houston and Los Angeles.