John Errol Shares “Saturday Night”

Today, John Errol shares a brand new single entitled “Saturday Night”, alongside an accompanying music video, directed by Nora DeLigter.

“‘Kiss You on a Saturday Night’ reconsiders a relationship in its aftermath, reckoning with mutual queer destruction and how it could have been unhealthy or even abusive. I think abuse in queer relationships tends to get overlooked, and in this song and video, I tried to stare it right in the face,” says Errol.

“Much of this song is limited to my specific experience, and the lyrics and video speak to my story if you choose to look for it. I wanted the production and song structure to be cyclical and nostalgic to mimic the regret, memory, longing, and rebuilding of the past taking place on a narrative level. Channeling darker subject matter in a sweet and simple pop vehicle allows for some interesting juxtaposition, a way to capture the slow and insidious nature of abuse,” he continues.

“The video is a sensitive subject matter, and I’m having difficulty explaining myself without oversharing. So much of it deals with memory and trauma, where the past and present collapse onto each other. The directors and I also wanted to pay tribute to the skyline of Los Angeles. It’s hard to find love here, and it’s just as easy to get consumed by the city itself,” he adds.

“Ultimately, though, it was a way for me to process and portray our dance—to take the pain and fashion it into something beautiful.”