Kevin George Drops New Single “Lost My Mind”

Today, Connecticut born, LA based artist Kevin George returned with his stellar new offering, “Lost My Mind”.

“I had a lot of fun making ‘Lost My Mind’.  It’s a song about ‘the chase’.  I wanted to capture that feeling of lusting over someone who may not be giving you that same attention. And in the video just relay what that chase can do to some people. I pop a psychedelic gummy and literally start losing my mind,” says George.

“The moment I heard the sample from Andre Denim it took me to that place and I knew exactly what to say on the track. It came to me in no longer than an hour. Its catchy, it’s psychedelic, it’s hard, it’s one of my favorite songs i’ve ever done. I’m describing this beautiful woman who loves herself too much to ever give me any type of crazy attention outside of sex. I want more than just a one night stand. She doesn’t but she does just enough to keep me constantly intrigued. Real life.”