The Boneless Ones’ “Blood on the Street” Worldwide Video Premiere Now

The Boneless Ones celebrate their much-anticipated return with new album, Back to the Grind. Featuring founding members Max Fox (vocals) and Troy Takaki (bass) with erstwhile drummer Chris Kontos (ex-Attitude Adjustment, ex-Machine Head) and new guitarist Craig Locicero (Dress the Dead, ex-Forbidden), and after 35 years, still – the Bay Area quartet breathe present-day life into the sounds/customs that crucially bridged punk, hardcore, metal, and skateboarding. In fact, it was appearances on pivotal compilations Them Boners Be Poppin’ (Boner) and Skate Rock Volume 3 – Wild Riders of Boards (Thrasher) that set up debut album Skate for the Devil for near-continuous reverence from the day of its release in 1986 to its most recent re-issue via Beer City Records in 2020.

Troy says, “The music for ‘Blood on the Street’ was one of the first two songs that Craig sent us. We loved it. We knew immediately that he was perfect for the band. Inspiration can come from lots of places. The movie Vanishing Point was the was the inspiration for both the lyrics and the video of this song”

Craig expounds, “The moment I agreed to help write a new record with the guys, two songs popped into my head almost simultaneously. A furious Circle Jerks-vibed punk song (Heavy Is the Face) and an epic Godzilla stomper. This one, ‘Blood On The Street’. I was hoping they would like them. Max immediately knew what he wanted to do and pulled out a sheet of lyrics he already had with the Vanishing Point theme. It was like the two things were meant for each other and it snowballed into an almost finished product in one rehearsal. That’s how it goes when you know the shit is good.”