Howland Hyatt Releases New Full Length Debut LP

Following the release of their last two singles “Eve of Destruction” and cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, drummer Stet Howland, (current drummer of Metal Church & formerly of WASP), along with long-time friend John Hyatt and crew release a brand new full-length debut album with their killer new rock band Howland Hyatt.

Howland Hyatt’s debut album H2 is released worldwide today through the newly formed Mindsnap Music record label, distributed by Von Artists, Ltd. (via The Orchard).

“We’re super excited to finally release this new bad boy of a record. When friends get together to simply have fun and make music, sometimes magic just happens. That’s what this entire album is all about. We hope you guys dig it as much as we do! Special shout out & thanks to Opus from Mindsnap Music & the metal band Dead By Wednesday, for not only believing in us & our new record but for helping put this out through his kick ass new indie label Mindsnap Music. We are proud to be a part of the team,” says Stet Howland (drummer Howland Hyatt / Metal Church).