Lost Cat Shares “Bitch Fight”

Today, Los Angeles trio Lost Cat share their second single, “Bitch Fight”, the latest track off their upcoming self-titled debut album, Lost Cat, due May 27 via Lolipop Records. As the rollicking fuzzed-out punk rock track proclaims, “If you don’t like it, you can go to hell!”

“‘Bitch Fight’ was quietly written in my parent’s garage while they were sleeping…Originally, the lyrics were fist fight but when I brought the song to practice, Lucy thought she heard Bitch Fight and that’s where the name was coined. The song still needed a few more words, so the remainder of the song was again quietly written but this time at Angie’s dad’s house as he slept,” says band member Kiki.

This month, Lost Cat will take part in a Los Angeles residency at Harvard & Stone, through May 31. They will also make a few appearances abroad.

5/17 – Harvard & Stone Residency
5/24 – Harvard & Stone Residency
5/31 – Harvard & Stone Residency

6/3 – Funhouse, Madrid Spain
6/4 – Topa Taberna, Berriz Spain
6/5 – Secret Place, Montpellier France
6/7 – Le Petit Jourdan, Limoges France
6/8 – Le Trokson, Lyon France
6/9 – Olympic Cafe, Paris France
6/10 – Skatecafe , Amsterdam Netherlands
6/11 – L’Escalier, Liege Belgium
6/12 – The Pits, Kortrijk Belgium