vi0let Shares New Single “Over & Over”

London-based singer-songwriter vi0let has been quietly working on new material for the past year, and today she reveals her stunning new single “Over & Over” featuring Brighton-based Serbian artist Jymenik,

“The intention behind writing the song originally came from a place of heartbreak. I was still processing an extremely toxic relationship I had left and reflected on how I feel they viewed me. I felt like an idiot for so long constantly going back to the relationship which is how the chorus came to be. When producing the track with Jomo Kru, it became less of a sad song and more of a dark and mysterious ballad. It gave me a feeling of confidence although it’s quite the intimate track. Once we had the song down, I instantly thought of Jymenik for this track. She radiates a dark and mysterious energy and I knew her voice would take this song to the next level.”