Yotam Ben Horin Shares “Santa Monica Pier”

Today, Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) shares “Santa Monica Pier”, the third single off his forthcoming album, Young Forever, due next Friday, May 20 via Double Helix Records.

“In late 2019, I was living in Sherman Oaks, California with Fat Mike in his punk rock compound, along with some other interesting people. We would work nonstop on recording and producing music—trying to get a full-fledged production team going. I was so wrapped up in work that I forgot to take a break sometimes. When I did sleep, I would crash on a bunk bed in the hallway. There were people coming in and out all through the day and night,” says Yotam.

“When Paola (then my girlfriend, now my wife) came to visit me, and saw what was going on, she knew that I needed to step away from work, even for a night. She kindly asked that we go to Santa Monica Pier. I told her that I was too busy finishing up a record, and that I couldn’t afford to leave, but she asked again—and I decided ‘why not?’,” he continues.

“When we got to Santa Monica Pier my eyes opened up: I saw families together in the sand, the sunset, and everything. Paola and I went on the Ferris Wheel, which suddenly stopped for 10 minutes while we were at the very top. At first, we sort of panicked, but then I noticed how both of us were sitting there looking out at the beautiful purple-ish sky and the waves—and everything suddenly felt much smaller than it is. I decided then and there that I was closing the chapter of living in the punk house and opening a new one.”