Canadien Drum Prodigy Alexx Ponta has joined Wildstreet

While on the ‘Kings Of World Tour’ in April, Crispy Borell discovered Alexx on Instagram reels. He shared Alexx’s video link with Don Berger and Eric Jayk. The band said “The decision to invite him was unanimous as was the decision to have him join Wildstreet.”

Alexx Ponta, an English student from Montreal, QC began posting video covers of Wildstreet’s Golden Robot Records label mates Crashdiet and Hardcore Superstar which caught of the attention of Wildstreet’s guitarist, Crispy Borell.

The band adds, “We reached out to him, sent him the set list and booked a weeks worth of rehearsals in NYC. It was immediately apparent and unanimous in the first 5 minutes of our 1st rehearsal with Alexx that he is the drummer for Wildstreet.”