Sophia Marie Releases New Single “Menace In Venice”

LA raised singer-songwriter Sophia Marie’s music is autobiographical. Each of her songs tells the story of a young life in progress. From leaving the sunny, casual west coast for a more buttoned-up DC life at Georgetown University (where she studies International Politics) to a life-changing semester abroad in Dublin, to unrequited romances and lovesick travels, each of these experiences is vividly documented in her music.

“I would describe ‘Menace in Venice’ as, like, a very delusional, up-beat song whose rhythm disguises its actually really sad message. It’s about being really heartbroken that this one particular guy doesn’t like you and so you go out searching for the attention of others, especially those from foreign countries. When you’re an American in a different country, you get all of this undeserved attention, people asking you your name and where you’re from, and why you have this hilarious accent,” says Sophie

“I wrote this song right after experiencing probably the lowest point of my life. I was at a point in my life when I felt that London was the only city that made me feel truly living and alive, and I desperately wanted to go back. I wanted my sophomore year to finish just so I could make it out to London to try to re-live and retrace the steps of the past love story with the man I loved, but I couldn’t. I braved a five-day hotel quarantine and 12-hour flight just to walk around aimlessly and not have any idea what I wanted to do. I was completely stuck and told myself at that moment that something in my life needed to change. That I needed to find some kind of stability. Going to music was a natural progression of that.”