Child Seat Share New Single

Los Angeles-based band Child Seat is pleased announce their debut album Bad Holiday which will be released on August 5 via Moonboot! Records. Today the band is sharing “Burning” the latest pre-release single to be lifted from the forthcoming release.

The song “Burning” refers to the 2021 Caldor wildfire that threatened Child Seat’s Madeleine Mathews’ hometown and wiped-out hundreds of thousands of acres of land that she’d hiked and traversed throughout her youth as well as a small nearby town. “Burning” is a reminder that life throws us curveballs, including losing the things we love most. Nothing is set in stone, and nothing lasts forever. With the 2020 pandemic, it often especially felt like one roadblock after another was arising. Yet, the world keeps turning and life/time keeps charging forward even when the going gets tough. We are all handed various experiences and even though it can feel like heavy and unwarranted lessons, it often makes us appreciate the good things/little things while they are with us.

“Burning’s” instrumentals were created by Child Seat’s Josiah Mazzaschi during the pandemic, and was another song that he shipped off to Madeleine to create lyrics/melody while stuck in bed with Covid. Mathews instantly felt connected to the sound, and during the heaviness of the fires that devastated Northern California, the words and melody easily spilled out of her as she tried to process her shock and sadness. “Burning” features the distinct styling of Jeff Schroeder (guitarist of the Smashing Pumpkins) with a solo that really brings the song to new heights at the climax of the song.