James Vincent McMorrow Releases New Single “Hurricane”

Today, Irish singer-songwriter-producer James Vincent McMorrow has released the life-affirming single “Hurricane”.  Filled with choral backing vocals, horns and sweeping refrains, “Hurricane ” bottles the emotional directness McMorrow was after when approaching this record. Last month, he announced two new albums due this year, with The Less I Knew coming June 24th. He has previously released the title track along with its video.  The companion album Heavyweight Champion of Dublin8 will be released this fall. The Less I Knew was written and produced by McMorrow, mixed and engineered by Alex Borwick and recorded at Black Mountain Studios in Ireland.

“Even before the last 2 years I think I’d lost sense of why I do the things I do. I lost the thread of what I wanted to be and what I wanted to say. The Less I Knew, for me, is about getting that back. It’s about going easier on yourself, realizing the entire world is putting on a show, no one is immune to pressure. We contort ourselves in order to convince ourselves things are fine, or things can get better. For me, doing that meant I was missing, I had missed so many incredible things as they were happening.”