Jennifer Saran Unveils New Video “We All Make Mistakes”

Today contemporary jazz and pop singing star Jennifer Saran will unveil a striking and unique lyric video for her deeply soulful and spiritually nourishing new single, “We All Make Mistakes”.

Saran wrote the uplifting song with her creative partner and producer, Grammy and Emmy winner Narada Michael Walden (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey) with the intention of reminding listeners that life is too short to live with regrets. The music video, directed by celebrated filmmaker Andrew Thomas (another longtime Saran collaborator) brings this message home in a creative new way: against a series of vignette-like images, the lyrics to the song appear as text messages from the people depicted in the clip.

“Andy and I didn’t think about doing a lyric video at first,” says Saran. “It was more about communicating the message so that everybody gets the same message. The only way to do that was with words, but how do we do that in a new way? I wanted the lyrics to feel personal to listeners. You can’t explain something widely theoretical in a video, but you can show how people are feeling and responding to each other. And then Andy said, ‘So it’s kind of how people send each other text messages,’ and I said, ‘Exactly.’ He expounded on that and created the video as a text message exchange.” She adds, “And I think it’s brilliant.”

For Saran, the idea behind the song came from the realization that she had recently. “We tend to be a little unforgiving in life, a little judgmental,” she says. “For various reasons – with people I do business with, and to friends in my personal life – I felt like I had to say, ‘Look, we all make mistakes.’ We might not be able to change everything, but let’s think about what we have. Let’s focus on what’s good.”

She adds, “I think it’s an important message for any time, but it’s especially relevant now,” says Saran. “There’s so much anger, struggling and arguing, and when you really get down to it, most of it is so unnecessary.”

Musically, “We All Make Mistakes” is a sublime experience. Over a sweet and sinuous groove that underpins Walden’s masterfully crafted instrumentation, Saran turns in a lustrous and emotionally impactful vocal performance. “No room for regrets, we need to forget/ just love me, just love me instead,” she sings dramatically, adding, “When one day I’m gone, or you’ve gone your way/ we want to recall, our feelings today/ please try to reflect, we all make mistakes.”

“The message is very cool, but it’s humble,” says Walden. “We all make mistakes sometimes, no matter who you are. But we have to be forgiving and compassionate with one another. Let’s try to love a little harder and enjoy our lives. What a blessing we have to be able to open our eyes and breath and listen to music.”

Responding to an email Saran sent Walden in which she asked for a song designed “for the center stage,” Walden composed the stirring music and then recorded the track at his own Tarpan Studios in San Rafael, CA, utilizing the ace talents of Justus Dobrin (drum programming, bass and keyboards) and Jackson Allen (guitar). The vibrant live drums are courtesy of Walden himself – the virtuoso sticksman has performed with everyone from the Mahavishnu Orchestra to Jeff Beck, and recently he toured with Journey. Walden also played keyboards and sang background vocals on the cut. “We All Make Mistakes” was engineered by Jim Reitzel and Lloyd Jukes, and it was mixed by David Frazer.

Walden raves about Saran’s supreme vocals on “We All Make Mistakes, saying, “What she did on this song ranks as her strongest singing ever. She’s right in the pocket. Just as Jenn wanted, this track is meant for live stage performances – as well as radio. It’s perfect for her as she embarks on the next phase of her career.”

Saran and Walden have recorded a number of critically hailed albums and singles together that have been embraced by fans across the globe. On her ongoing creative collaboration with the superstar hitmaker, Saran says, “Narada and I have the most remarkable relationship. I can mention an idea to him, or he might tell me he’s thinking of a concept, and before you know it, we’ve got a song going. I’ll send him my lyrics, and quicker than you can imagine, he’s got the music all charted out. We’re in each other’s heads in such a good way. I can’t say enough about his incredible talent and his nurturing spirit. He truly loves what he does, and I know that I’m in very good hands.”