Pine Barons Announce Fishmans Tribute Album

Today, Philadelphia art-rockers Pine Barons announce their new Fishmans cover album I Love Fish by sharing the music video for cover track “ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)”. Fishmans is known for their unique psychedelic sound with rocksteady basslines and the distinctive vocals of the late lead singer Shinji Sato.

Lead vocalist Keith Abrams says, “‘ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)’ was one of the first songs that came together for this record early on in the process, and was one of the easier songs to translate into English. It was a popular song for Fishmans when it first came out, and I wanted to stay true to its dreaminess and to have it build upon itself and crescendo into a blissful end.”

“For this video, we tried to embody the brightness and liveliness that was our discovery of Fishmans. Looking back on their music has truly helped us look forward. It sparked a flame and revitalized a forgotten feeling we’ve all had in ourselves – a yearning curiosity and genuine awe. It rekindled our love and appreciation for music, creatively and objectively,” says Alex Beebe, keyboardist and director of the music video.

As fans of Fishmans, Pine Barons took great care to replicate and honor the intricate details that went into the original record, in addition to adding their own meticulous spin. For example, on legendary 30 minute romp “Long Season,” the band ran through a field of snow geese with 3 different samplers for a transition. The band paints a picture of recording that track, describing: “we built custom wind chimes out of glockenspiel tone bars, bells, forks and knives which were all hanging from the rim of a bike tire which hung from the ceiling. Two mics coming out the ears of a mannequin head which was placed beneath the spinning wind chimes were used to record it for a binaural effect.”