Sunsleep Sign To SBG Records

Today, rock band Sunsleep are announcing their signing to SBG Records (Rain City Drive, Famous Last Words, Jonny Craig), the Sacramento-based label founded by Shan Dan Horan (Century Media, Artery Recordings, Outerloop Records).

Sunsleep is the project of Devin Barrus (vocals), Miles Croney (guitar), Lance Nerio (guitar), Dylan Woods (bass), and Mason Croney (drums). The five-piece debuted in 2017 with their first single, “Fever”, which quickly crossed over 1.3 million streams. Invigorated by the success of the first track, the band created their first EP, I Hope To See Again with Brand New Eyes, which they put out in 2018.

Blending intricate, catchy pop melodies and emotional lyricism with dreamy ambient guitar work and energetic percussion, Sunsleep’s music blurs the lines between rock and pop. The five members bring to the table a wide range of musical influences that inform the Sunsleep sound, citing inspiration from dark-pop groups like PVRIS, The 1975, heavier rock bands like Anberlin and Underoath, and even R&B acts like The Weeknd and PLAZA.

After releasing a handful of singles in 2020 — including fan-favorite “New Sensations” — the band regrouped in late 2021 to finalize their first album, due out later this year. “This record is super eclectic sonically and lyrically for Sunsleep,” lead singer Devin Barrus says. “We really experimented around with what we had established previously as a band and wanted to go further and venture into other areas the band has yet to explore as well. “There is no overall ‘concept’ to this album but rather a full fledged group of standout cuts that really give dimension to Sunsleep as a band.”

Sunsleep’s debut album will be out in late 2022 on SBG Records.