JAX Diaries Release New Single “I Gave My Life To Rock N Roll”

Italian alternative rock band JAX Diaries released a brand new single “I Gave My Life To Rock N Roll” today.

“Right after the release of ‘When i turn I see the future’ and of our live-session at the Pink Noise Recording studio we found ourselves devastated having to deal with band members leaving for the most unknown reasons and having to re-build what we just created two years prior,” says Jaxon, the band’s vocalist.

He adds, “We then started to change the essence of the band, turning it into something we would never expect. We locked ourselves in the studio and we wrote down 6 songs that are going to be a part of our upcoming EP Eagles of the World. The very first song we wrote was ‘I gave my life to Rock ‘n Roll’. We already had the “skeleton” of the song pre-recorded and we just needed to add some more magic to deliver the product we really wanted.”