Courtney Jaye Releases New Album And Companion Short Film ‘Hymns And Hallelucinations’

Tropicali Records and acclaimed Kaua’i/Los Angeles-based songwriter Courtney Jaye announce the release of Hymns and Hallelucinations, the highly anticipated and ambitious new LP with accompanying full-length album visual/”video trip” that Jaye calls “an introspective, meditative, psychedelic exploration into the soul of a woman: her rage, her confusion, her sadness, her sexuality, her defiance, her darkness, her strength and her light.” Like the album, the Joshua Shoemaker-directed film is the story of a woman “discovering the deepest parts of herself as she faces her fears head-on, evolving along the way and becoming illuminated to the Ultimate Power behind it all,” as Jaye states.

This is “gospel music” for the souls who want to sleep in on Sunday morning, who don’t believe that anybody who doesn’t look like them or think like them or dress like them or love like them is the enemy. This is music for the people who believe love matters more than judgment, and that we’re all imperfect and doing the best we can.

“I had to go through a lot of crazy shit and many near-death experiences — personally, artistically and professionally — to discover who I really am,” Jaye says. “Hopefully this record will save some people the trouble.”