Sick N’ Beautiful Announces New Studio Album

Frontiers Music Srl iannounce the upcoming release of a new studio album from  Sick N’ Beautiful with the unleashing of Starstruck on July 15, 2022. Sick N’ Beautiful is the ultimate rock n’ roll sideshow from outer space: a unique concoction of hard rock and modern metal infused with industrial, punk, and electro-pop overtones, blending in varying influences from across the musical spectrum to create a sound all their own. Intrigued yet? Fans can get their first taste of the new album with the release of the single and music video, “This Is Not The End”, which is out today.

In their own words: “We are intergalactic nomads, performing our numbers for the enjoyment of all species we meet in our travels. Rumor has it that sometimes we resort to ‘questionable’ means to make ends meet: all we will say is that life in space is never easy. We fly the BFS9000, a ship that has seen better days. Even so, the recent massive engine failure came totally unexpected. With nowhere else left to go, we crash-landed on Earth, in the vicinity of Rome, Italy. Our ship is stuck here until we can get enough resources to fix it and resume our voyage.”

They continue, “Sick N’ Beautiful is absolutely thrilled with signing up with the Frontiers label! They truly appreciate the “madness” of what we do, and they have left us with complete creative freedom. We trust that their experience of over 25 years in hard rock and metal will propel our eclectic spaceship farther than ever before… We also thank Oracle Management especially for their unique love and support in helping us to make all of this possible!”