Wallice Shares Music Video for “Funeral”

LA-based musician Wallice shares another video for her latest single “Funeral”.  The song is from her new 90s American Superstar EP via Dirty Hit where Wallice envisions herself as a fictional celebrity idol, charting her own rise and fall across five tracks.

“Funeral” sees Wallice’s protagonist craft a funny and slightly tragic tale in which she fantasies about her own memorial, a surrealist affair complete with her “casket in a muscle car.” Wallice again teamed up with director Phil Stillwell to create one of the more entertaining videos released this year.

“The video for ‘Funeral’ was really important to me. It’s my favorite song that I’ve made so far. I pictured a concert-like celebration instead of a traditional solemn funeral, sort of taking the heaviness of a funeral and treating it lightly. In my videos I like to incorporate my lyrics in a literal way, but I also try to capture the tone of them as well. This video walks the line between melodramatic and sarcastic in a way that really captures my sense of humor,” Wallice says.

“The video is also more broadly a symbol for how I’m evolving as an artist– the “death” of cowgirl Wallice is meant to mark the end of that era and the beginning of the next.”