Lil Silva Enlists Sampha, Little Dragon & More For Debut Album

One of the UK’s most consistently inventive production minds of recent times, Lil Silva has perhaps one of the most varied resumes in contemporary music. Causing a seismic effect on the world of UK club music with tracks like “Seasons” and production credits for a diverse range of artists including Adele, BANKS, Mark Ronson and serpentwithfeet, he has continuously combined a broad range of influences to create a transformative, diverse discography including his own solo material. After the release of “Backwards” last month alongside Sampha, Lil Silva announces his long awaited debut album, Yesterday Is Heavy.

Coinciding with the album’s announcement, Silva is introducing himself all over again with new single “Another Sketch” and a visual directed by UKMVA Award winner Fenn O’Meally. The video centers on multiple generations of Silva’s own family and their Jamaican heritage, proving that despite time’s effect on outward appearance, it can never dampen the spirit, featuring archival and newly recorded footage of Silva’s family and friends enjoying the same activities they did generations ago. The track itself focuses on a central theme of actions, their consequences and changing our inevitable future, with Lil Silva’s stunning falsetto shining alongside background vocals from serpentwithfeet and an instrumental that initially opens minimalistically before gradually unfurling to unveil elements of his electronic beginnings; a thumping hip hop infused beat and swelling melodic embellishments.