moe. Announces “moe.’s Podcrash”

moe. has just released the first episode of “moe.’s Podcrash”, a new podcast series addressing all things moe. Featuring a wide range of conversations and topics, from the history of the band to stories from the road, the premiere episode features an in-depth conversation with guitarist Chuck Garvey, his first public appearance since suffering a stroke in November. As announced last month, Michael “Suke” Cerulo from Schleigho will be subbing in for Chuck this summer, alongside keyboardist Nate Wilson from Percy Hill and Assembly of Dust. Visit or wherever you listen to podcasts to hear the first episode

“I wanted to talk,” Garvey commented, when asked what was keeping him motivated during his recovery. “The first thing was, when I woke, I just wanted to see everyone that I’ve ever known. I just wanted to see them and talk to them.”