The End At The Beginning Share “Eden”

Italian metalcore act The End At The Beginning is back with “Eden”, third single taken from the new album Lightbringer out soon.

About the new track the band says: “”Eden’ is the third single from our upcoming album ‘Lightbringer’. It is the the fourth track of the album and in this song starts decribing the immense beauty of the divine garden, with dancing golden leaves upon crystal streams. In this amazing view, two creatures stand above all the others, still pure and uncorrupted. Lucifer, looking at this scene, is at the same time amazed but totally outraged: two majestic creatures that lies in a prison of feral pulses waiting for the death, nothing more than unconscious beasts. So he decides to light the fire of their consciousness, let them free to feel their passions and thoughts without remorses. This song is more melodic than the previous singles, with a great presence of an intertwining between the orchestral sections and the guitar tapping, which leads to the chorus, passing through a heavy rhythmic verse. The main break-down adds heaviness to the piece without giving up our melodic imprint. This leads to the last crescendo towards the final chorus”.