Allee Fütterer Releases New Multi-Genre NFT Album

The new multi-genre fractionalized NFT album State College 333. The eight-track release is led by acclaimed musician and songwriter Allee Fütterer and features new music from some of Southern California’s most talented up-and-coming talent, including Dresage, Pom Poms, Clayre (Kismit), Niko Giaimo (The Astronots), Basti Reunert (Kismit), and Conny Franko. Named for the Cal State Fullerton campus and street Fütterer grew up on, the innovative release takes listeners on a sonic and visual journey to the vibrant artist community of Fullerton, CA, an area drenched in punk rock, surf pop and a blossoming skate scene. From conscious hip-hop, to psychedelic surf rock and shimmery pop, State College 333 is an eclectic musical offering with something special for everyone.

Released on web3 via top multimedia creative hub Metabyte Studios, the forward-thinking project includes 333 NFTs, with each holder receiving a unique combination of musical and visual elements from each track.

“I’d like people to interact with my music and creations in ways that you’re not able to do by just listening to a song. Since the scope of my musical life is very wide I see music NFT’s as a way to share creations in a more broad sense that doesn’t require an obligation to a specific genre or musical role. I’d like to use this as an opportunity to meet new fans and have them experience the culture that shaped me, both digitally and IRL,” shares Fütterer.

Allee Fütterer teamed up with creative director and nostalgia enthusiast Emma Cole to bring the project’s visual elements to life. With the use of analog devices, State College 333’s NFT visuals capture the timelessness of film while immersing the viewer in an enthralling contrast between past, present and future.

State College 333