Cj Pandit Shares New Single “+44”

+44 is a snapshot into the world of Cj Pandit.

Born out of a necessity to create and express, the four track body-of-work depicts freedom, reliance, change, self confidence, guilt and what it means to push your boundaries creatively. Each track on the record makes its own mark, culminating in a dynamic, genre-bending record that is here to occupy a space all of its own.

Title track “+44” is a heartwarming ode to human connection and what it means to have that special someone at the end of the phone.

Sharing more, Cj explained: “+44 is a song about that one person you turn to or call in your heaviest times. It’s a look at the perceptions we have about each other, how much we can take and how heavy a weight we can bear. I might know a little bit about life but I’m nothing more than a double denim wearing therapist when it all comes down to it.”