Damion Announces Debut LP

Today, Bloomington, IN singer-songwriter Damion (Damion Schiralli) announces his forthcoming debut solo LP, Special Interest (out July 20 via Earth Libraries). To celebrate, he’s shared the record’s first single, “Company Man”.

“The song was produced by Ben Lumsdaine and Lewis Rogers. Recording it was fairly smooth. The little synth line in coming out of the bridge took like fifty tries to get right. I wanted the guitar solo to sound completely filthy and messed up, so we ended up putting it through Lewis’s reel to reel and totally maxed out the preamps,” says Damion.

“I knew I wanted the album to start with a song that bursts out of the gate in a big way, like ‘I Feel the Earth Move’ on Tapestry, or ‘I Saw the Light’ on Something/Anything. I came up with the main riff on an acoustic guitar and just played it for hours with no breaks til the chorus came to me. The whole thing just kind of poured out after that, He adds.

“I wanted the song to just be a fun mood-setter about being a social guy. I’m not really too much like that, but occasionally I feel that way. It’s important to me that no one takes the song too seriously, so I tried to have a lot of fun with the lyrics and arrangement.”