Korby Lenker Releases New Single “Spring Fling”

Today, Korby Lenker releases his latest, “Spring Fling” via Grind Ethos Records.

“Spring Fling’ was originally the name my wife and I gave to an event we hosted in our front yard,” Lenker explains. “The idea started back in 2020, in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Watching the news I felt that something was sorely missing the pose striking and online punditry — namely, a sense of simple neighborliness, and a demonstration of respect for human beings as such. I had some feelings and wanted to do something to help. Our neighborhood in East Nashville is home to all kinds of people and families, so I made a little flyer and went door to door and personally invited everyone on my street to what we then called the Ice Cream Social. I made a bunch of homemade ice cream. It was an amazing turnout and it felt like a small healing and better, we made a bunch of new friends.”

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