Laraw Releases New Single “Scissors”

Today, Montreal singer-songwriter Laraw returns with new single “Scissors”. Chronicling the highs and lows of romance and breakups, the irresistible bop comes alongside a music video, directed by Gerado Alcaine and co-directed by Laraw, that perfectly captures the melancholy and angst of the release.

In keeping with the Laraw’s personal and raw production, the “Scissors” lyrics narrate the angsty effects of a heartbreak, complemented by her stunning vocals. “Scissors is about the grief of having a loved one completely destroy you,” said Laraw. “Knowing they will and just letting it happen.”

“’Scissors’ is for sure the most important song I’ve ever written and marked a new chapter of my life” said Laraw. “I got to actually meet myself, grow, and learn that the first person you should always love is yourself.”